We are delighted to welcome you to
Mattoni Restaurants and Wine Bar

What could be better than an exciting top class Italian restaurant right on your door-step. We have two restaurants, one in Hampton the other in Eye.


Each restaurant has been beautifully designed with interesting visuals to reflect not only where the food originates but also the sites past history. We offer a warm welcome whether it is discreet table service when you are dining tête-à-tête or a more convivial welcome at a larger social gathering we aim to please.


So why did we call it Mattoni?! Well, Mattoni is Italian for 'Bricks’, and our first restaurant was located on Four Chimneys Crescent in Hampton, which is the exact location of the old London Brickyards and also where the four chimneys were. It is where many Italians in Peterborough worked after the second world war.


Hampton Mattoni Restaurant Eye Mattoni Restaurant